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Ministry Life: Looking Beyond the Discouragement

     I had a talk with a friend this morning about our recent visit to an area where an outreach of our church was established. He was a bit dismayed about quite a lot of things and I admit that at some points, we shared the same sentiments. While our concerns, or to boldly say it, complaints, are out of frustrations to make a more organized and "ideal" ministry, both of us knew that they flowed out from our hearts which are stained by self-centeredness and impatience.  It is easy indeed to get trapped inside the bubble built by the desire to take control of everything including the circumstances revolving around the ministry. As a result, when things don't go as planned, we get disappointed and at times, deeply discouraged.  As we slowly started gathering again this year, new hurdles both in physical and spiritual aspects were thrown at us individually and as a congregation. With this, we acknowledge that we are nothing apart from the grace that God continues to sustain

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