My heart, a starving beast, 
searches passionately for food 
and yet it is never satisfied. 

It is the most unpredictable - 
endlessly transforming itself 
into whatever it desires to be. 

Sometimes, my heart becomes a newborn baby 
birthed to crave attention and neglect everyone else.

At times, it is like a rebellious teenager hungry for intimacy, 
wanting to be like the girl on the screen 
and thirsts for where the fun is

Often, it is a retired old fellow 
who is so done with life 
and lacks energy for small things.
It also is full of pride 
and never listens to counsel

Most of the time, it is everything all at once
so confusing and complicated,
it would take such a patient soul
to master its system

One day, my heart wanted to leap
into thin air
I struggle to pull myself back to my bed 
as its force gravitate me toward the dark edge

I hated the dim, cold space
that sits across the bridge 
in front of our house
- the place where my heart fancies -
so I cried begging that we stay inside
but my ruthless heart listens to nobody
I wept myself to sleep and
remembered nothing the next day

It has always been like that -
a perpetual war, an unceasing struggle
against this tiny and yet vile organ

One evening, a man called me 
by my full name,
like we were old pals
but I am quite certain 
that I haven't seen him before

That stranger took something out of his pocket
and stretched his hand toward me.
He said that my current heart was killing me
and that he can give me a new one

Without hesitation, 
as if it was the most natural thing to do,
I let him do the surgery,
abandoned the old heart 
and never looked back

It was a bloody, agonizing process
yet the man promised that I will live longer
than I could ever imagine with this new heart

The next few days, 
my new heart is refreshingly calm
but also restlessly longing to see the man again
I never did ... yet

I've lost count of all the days I was left mystified 
by how and why he did that
One thing's for sure, I definitely have to say thank you to that man for saving me