"Jesus, there’s no one like You

Jesus, we love You, ever adore You."

These words pierced through my heart this morning. Not because I have felt every lyric to be true but because what I have been doing the past few weeks screams the exact opposite of what I sing. 

It felt like a lie,  proclaiming a love but failing to show it in my own actions.

I have been sleeping less than usual yet I have never felt more unproductive. A lot of things and emotions have been consuming me lately and turning to movies, and random videos online has been my false remedy. 

The song above just knocked me up and showed me the sin that I have been constantly doing: not loving God and adoring Him. I thought I knew enough of who Christ is - that I had read enough to answer questions about Him and that I was equipped enough to live through the day with my knowledge of Him. 

Yet, my response to my circumstances lately revealed so much of who the god of my life is. It's sad and I could be discouraged by my sinfulness... but then, there's always the GOSPEL. I hear it all the time - week by week, in prayer meetings and sermons, - yet it remains true and powerful in bringing a sinner like me back to God's truth.

Rather than letting me wander away by my discouragement, Christ offers a new beginning. His grace is continually sufficient for me to start again. What a relief and what a joy to be a saint for Christ where His mercy and forgiveness overflows. Just as the second verse goes:

"There is no sinner beyond 

the infinite stretch of Your mercy 

How can we thank You enough

For how You have loved us completely?"

And so, even with a pierce in the heart, I will sing aloud

that there's no one like Jesus 

that I love Him and adore Him 

for He has loved me first.

- N


Song Title: 
Jesus, There's No One Like You
by  Sovereign Grace Music