To walk  in my own ways is all that I have known

No clue I was lurking in the darkness all along

My rebellion springs from a dead heart only knowing and following my own will

Blindly rejoicing what in Your sight is evil 

Yet, the Father, so wise, directed my steps and led me to His arms

The death of His Son gave me a new breath, new eyes to see

Slowly leading me to the way that pleases Thee

As I move forward, the road becomes narrow

Certain joys in life I have to let go

With every step, the shouts of temptation are louder

Luring my heart to the old ways I don't want to remember

Yet, the Father, so faithful empowers me with the Spirit

and sustains me with His Word

This life He ransomed is not for this world

No wealth, no fame, no one can satisfy a soul

That God created in Christ to be whole

Though sin's deception causes me to stumble

And though I foolishly set a trap for my own death,

The Father, so gracious, rescues and provides new beginnings

I am no longer chained by my previous failings

The hands of my Savior nailed on a cursed tree

Has torn the veil and set mine forever free

I know stormy days will come in the future

But I know Him who holds me safe and secure

Father so wise, faithful, and gracious, help me to trust

that on that day, Christ will come and meet me at last

Spirit, teach this impatient heart to wait for my soul's Lover,

Set my mind on things above - to look forward to being with Jesus, 

my reward, my eternity, my ever after.