photo of a random couple in Danao 
photowalk sesh 2017

If you were in the middle of the ocean
and your boat is slowly breaking into pieces
I'd be that floating wood remain
you can hold on to till you reach the shore

If you were in the midst of a war
and a bomb was thrown in your quarter
I'd  be that 1-minute delay you'll need
to figure out how to get away with it

If you find yourself surrounded by Dementors
sucking your happy childhood
I'd be your Patronus, going out
even before you recite the spell

If everything falls out of control
including yourself
I'd be the parachute
and the wind all at once
to make sure you land safely

I'd be the best friend
the sidekick
the pick-up driver
the class substitute
the parent's excuse
the last coin in your pocket
the last piece of tissue
the shoulder to cry on
the wall to lean on

I'd be anyone you want
and anything you need
until the slow-mo happens
and the perfect song plays
then you'd know
that I was there from the beginning
and it was me all along