I believe some things are just meant to be

But I couldn’t quite grasp if it is true for us I'm not even sure if I want to All I know is that you’re causing too much commotion inside my mind which annoys me so much and I'm setting it out for me
to have a space to breathe inside There isn’t anything rare about you Like every friend that I have,
having you around is a default I do not give much attention to With or without you, my life seems to be just working fine Then one day, I noticed how I wanted time to go fast and slow Speed up to the weekend and pause there with you one day, I wanted to send longer messages because one-liners and gifs do not suffice
what I wanted to say anymore one day, I woke up from dreaming about you
and did not cringe nor found it weird I have known you enough to conclude
that we would not complement well but one day, I just didn’t care about how
big your appetite is,
or how annoying you are when you get moody and how loud you burp in front of people
or fart in front of me your clumsiness does not bother me as much
nor does your complaints I learned to laugh at your eye-rolling remarks
that sometimes makes sense

I just thought if it’s really you that I'm ending up with,
I could live with that
especially when I also see you being generous
with the things that I am not
when your room is as organized
as I hoped mine would be
when you know the city better than I do

Sadly, it is not as easy as how I thought it would be
That when you finally say the things my heart hopes for,
it will be the end of this endless maze

Cause when I am sober, I am reminded of our responsibilities
and the thought of being with you becomes last on my list
the long messages and midnight calls
cannot create instant mending to molding our minds

There are no shortcuts to growth
and neither a remedy for a severe lack of communication
I do not understand which part I particularly failed
of having self-control
But I just know that we are not ready at all

So today, I'm saying goodbye to an 'almost reality'
I don't know how long will it remain a dream
or if it will ever come true
but I trust the good God
that He will bring us to where we should be
whether it will be somewhere else
or right beside you