August brought me back to the college summers in my small, pink-painted room with a 2000s boyband playlist bursting in my radio-looking Bluetooth speaker. I believe I was happier then. Less duties, smaller circle. 

   I don't always have a summer getaway but I feel so content being at home with my sisters, marathoning romcoms or Disney originals. In the afternoons, I would finish a chapter or more of a YA book, or sometimes, take a random walk around the neighborhood. 

  August made me want to travel through time and relive family gatherings, vacations with cousins, and birthday dinners. I cannot help the nostalgia that comes when a Christmas song plays. I missed a lot of people.

August was sad and longing. August forced me to be brave.
It felt like jumping off a cliff into the open ocean.
It was warm and cozy with my favorite movie.
Moved me to revisit ancient maps. Led me to trek unexplored paths.
You were everything calm and chaos, August.