Two weeks into 2024 and what I have is severe pain from a major tooth extraction and an unwell body. I have been on sick leave for three days now and I feel like I have been wasting a lot of time. This isn't how I pictured my year to start. I already had my schedule, though still to be finalized, arranged to have a productive month and to keep track of all my responsibilities.

Apparently, throughout all the planning, I forgot that it is not I who has the absolute authority over the matters in my life - not even my own body. It was frustrating at first to not be able to accomplish tasks that I have set a deadline for myself but forcing my mind to be on a work mode makes me even more dizzy. I ended up sleeping the majority of the day just so I could not feel the pain (waw hugot).

The last time I got sick this long I remember saying how much it made me appreciate the days that the Lord has given me good health. I wish I could say the same now but the truth is, all I can think about is when will this be over. I can't wait to be able to stretch and exercise, to eat as much as I want, and to start ticking off my checklist. For now, though, I am praying that this impatient heart of mine will learn to find contentment in this pause that the Lord has provided, to be thankful that I have a comfortable space to rest, considerate roommates, helpful siblings (+ parents who check on me). Sige, I am thankful nalang pud for the free music I get to hear from the food park nearby which just opened recently kay it somehow gave me a snippet of the life outside. Haha

I'm still hopeful about how the rest of the month will unfold but even if they turn out to be completely different from what I desire again, may I trust in the Lord’s infinite wisdom and faithful character. After all, His plans are for His glory and my good.

See you around, friends! Stay healthy huhu