When my patience is exhausted

and anger builds within, 

remind me of your forbearing love

the mercy you unceasingly extend

that I may reflect your kindness

When all I see is the sin of others

and pride hinders grace

remind me of Your holiness

that I may fall on Your feet

and lament for my unworthiness

When the hurt is unbearable

and it is hard to forgive

remind me to come to You

that I may lay down my burden 

and rest in Your peace

When my sin is abounding

and the shame is overwhelming

remind me that You love me,

that I may come to Your throne with confidence

because in Christ, I am welcome

Help me not to harden my heart

when I hear Your voice in Your Word

Pierce my soul as you will

and discern the thoughts of my heart

Hold me fast, Jesus, my High Priest

for You know my weaknesses, 

and sympathize with them

Teach me to obey

as You did in Your suffering

When all of this is done 

and I'll stand in front of You, 

I'll remember the pain no longer 

Nothing else will matter  

The promise of eternity being lived 

by a sinner saved by grace 

My heart is finally at home  

and at home only in You