In light of the holy week, I have decided to take a break from a few social media apps starting today and spend some time writing or reading. As I was checking through my old blog, I had few posts in the drafts that I entirely forgot about. It was interesting to me how my life last year was a blur in my memory yet some pages were somehow preserved by this single piece. The present me is thankful that I wrote this altho the conyo-ness of this girl is such a cringe hahahha


July 13, 2021

The past week has been so far one of the (if not the most) busiest weeks for me this year. My midterm exams and final requirements were squeezed in along with my tasks at work and church. I don't know if I sound like I'm complaining and grumbling but I am not (jsyk). Consider this as a friend updating you with how crazy her life has been. Hehe

On the flip side,  the past few days have also been full of reflections, realizations, and rebukes. I thank God that even with the load of works that I was facing, I was nourished with His Word. What I have noticed last week is that the more that I was busy and occupied, the more that His Word was pressing and convicting. I don't know how else to explain it basta kay kung kanus-a na nuon ko mas busy, mas grabe sab nuon ang conviction sa ako nga mubasa ug maminaw sa preaching / prayer meeting. Grabe nga grace only. Huhu 

Anyway, so sa kadaghan nakong nareflect ug naremind about last week, I thought it would be nice to share it as well. Ing-ana gyud ko basta overwhelmed, I feel like I needed to share how good and faithful the Lord is even on the little details of my life. Instagram post man unta to pero feel ko taas man so blog nalang haha Also, #skl last sem I took Sugbu-anong Pinulungan nga course so mao na nga gana sab kaayo ko mag-bisaya ron. Okay raman kaha if magconyo-conyo oksh? Sharoot, shori naka-bracesh kashe c me. HAHAHA if wa ka ka-gets sa joke selemet neleng se lehet. 

Bitaw oy, sge na. Mag-share nako.

1. Christians are still Christians even when they are outside the church. 

I know this is such an obvious statement duh, but more often than not, this truth is overlooked (at least for me). My speech, my thoughts, and my actions should be pointing people to Christ not only around the people at church but most especially when I am dealing with unbelievers.  Being a super-ultra-mega tabi-an myself, part of my prayer is that I would be careful and discerning with everything I would be saying/doing. Like if I only mean to be sarcastic or make a low-key *bullying in a form of joke* statement, maypag maghilom nalang ko. 

It would be ironic for a Christian to talk about God's love and anchoring our identity and self-worth in Christ but also be the same person to make fun of or say hurtful jokes to other people. At the same time, it would be saddening to talk about God's love and loving others yet also blend in with the culture of mockery and sarcasm. May our words be only encouraging and building each other up rather than offensive. 

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29

2. There's beauty in confrontations
This one's something I am still learning to do and honestly, I'm still working out my spiritual muscles when it comes to dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings with people.

What I've noticed about myself is that when I am offended, hurt, or disappointed by others, I tend to share a meme, quote, or just make a plain indirect post with the hopes that that person can take a hint from it.  

It took me this long to see how this is wrong on so many levels. First of all, if  I was offended by a brother/sister, it would be much easier to reconcile if I just reached out and talk to him/her. Confrontation and communication make it easy to meet halfway compared to waiting for him/her to get a conviction after I expressed my point (added with scriptures) on a public platform. 

I get that it's hard to confront but losing a relationship because of miscommunication is much harder. So, choose your hard. Charawttt. Pero seriously, confrontation is beneficial especially when the goal is to restore and when it is done out of love. Yes, they can be sooooo awkward but very necessary. 

3. You have a gift and you ought to use it
One of my *insecurities* gyud is my writing. Insecurity in a sense that I like to write BUT I am scared of people reading/commenting about it. I don’t know if it makes sense basta kay I would shrink hearing that someone has read my blog or post, that’s mainly the reason why I have a separate private blog hidden somewhere on the internet hahaha 

I guess it comes from the fear of people not liking it or not agreeing with what I say. This year, I have decided to finally let those thoughts go. Surely, not everyone will like nor agree with everything I put out there, but my purpose now is clear: use my every gift to serve. 

Whether in writing blogs, being in the snacks committee, cleaning team, or whichever ministry the Lord calls us, we do not need to be the best but only faithful  (faithful in a sense nga mu-strive for excellence and not complacent) in our service. Fighting! 

Kani lang sa friends kay murag taas kaayo ni akong listahan. Comment for Part 2, charrr haha 

Ikaw unsa man ang imong learning so far this year? Share ka naman :D


Finding this draft is such a "haha" moment. It encouraged me to just write bahala unsa ka random kay the future me might find it useful. Hahaha ‘til the next one. 

 See you around! - N